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Introduction to Si.Alexandra's place

Introduction to Si.Alexandra's place

Website: www.sialexandraplace.com

Contact: admin@sialexandraplace.com

Nurturing global communities.

Hertfordshire July 28: In order to respond to a rapidly changing urban growth, Si. Alexandra's wants to help manage urban areas by closing the gap between the rich and the poor among the elderly. Si. Alexandra's place is part of the Smart light Group which a tech company with other Subsidiaries based in the UK.

Recently the international community has continued its efforts to eradicate poverty and create more job opportunities. This has led to emergence of research on appropriate technologies to support the development of the elderly communities globally. Si Alexandra's place considers the community centre projects, applies appropriate technologies, with web services like Web design to software development aiming at improving living standards.

Appropriate technology is technology that minimises damage to the environment and people but emphasises on human progress not technology advancement while solving problems. Here at Si. Alexandra's, appropriate technology definition is very diverse in that it;

. Uses low cost

. Utilizes materials available locally

. Create employment while utilizing local

technology and labour.

Matches the culture and interests of local. people.

This project was promoted by the following goals.

First, the project was aimed to strengthen the capacity of urban elderly communities through securing community space. Second, it's aimed to improve hygiene levels and create a sustainable urban environment. Finally, in consideration of ripple effect of the surrounding and the post management of buildings, this project sought for a scheme that could match the level of technology and labor of the area. Si. Alexandra also has its eyes set on Africa where they are set to have developed numerous community centers by 2022.

This program is for enhancing community's low-income elderly people. It is judged that appropriate technology, collaborative process and participants cooperation are key factors to completion of this project.