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About Us

We nurture global communities

Si. Alexandra's place starts off on a high note since opening a new Branch 

Success isn't achieved from bowing out of a challenge and since its launch, Si. Alexandra's place has created numerous opportunities to build brand loyalty among its customers. We realised that customers want to experience perfect services both in store and online and its our responsibility to ensure that.

If you've recently visited our website, you've probably come across numerous of our discount offers from beauty, website design, spa services and many more. This has not only helped our customers, it has also positively affected our business as plenty of bookings are ongoing with everyone trying to get a taste of our products and services. 

With a great team of staff at our places, every customers' needs, questions and concerns are addressed right on spot. We have built trust and loyalty as well as the likelihood of making more sales. We know that our team has the power to make or break the operations. So as you book for services at our places, feel confident that your expectations will be met.

There no doubt that the retail competition is stiff. That's why Si. Alexandra's place offers more exclusive services where customers are able to compare different packages of what we offer. For example, you could get your hair at the same time as your websiteis worked on. This is an added advantage for customers who prefer not to move around the city to get these services from different places.

Another service our customers are looking forward to is a place set aside just for the elderly. These are a minority group in the community who are often left behind hence feeling isolated. At Si. Alexandra's place, we value the elderly. Here they can enjoy cups of tea or coffee while enjoying the beautiful ambience of the store. Here they won't feel left behind or ignored and this is part of Si. Alexandra's place numerous strategies to give back to the community. 

Si. Alexandra's place is thankful to the local community and customers showing their support and also online customers who've made their bookings to enjoy our offers and discounts. 

About Si. Alexandra’s place

Si. Alexandra's place is a subsidiary of a British tech company. We deal in retail services, beauty and fashion. We also take part in community projects as our main objective is to nurture communities globally. 

For more information kindly visit; www.sialexandraplace.com